Picture Joy with Pajamas & Pancakes

For kids, birthdays are filled with fantastic JOY and oodles of enthusiastic anticipation. Days and days before the momentous occasion harks the question “Is today my birthday?” Well, FINALLY! The day is here! Our youngest daughter turned 6. It was a day of pajamas and pancakes; cereal and donuts; yogurt parfaits and sugar-ladened cupcakes. 20 or so little kids, dressed in their pjs, playing on our outdoor playset and jumping in the bouncy house.

Never mind the late nights sculpting pancake shaped cupcake toppers, or the frantic frenzy of frying up 8 pounds of bacon the morning of the party. Or, the panicked feeling that the bouncy house may not arrive in time for the party. What would we do with all these kids?!  I always think I have these things all planned out… then the night before, I begin to freak out. But just like past festive gatherings… it all turns out just fine. I mean, in the words from my husband, “Come on, these are 6 year olds. They just want to run around, laugh and scream”. We’ve got that covered!


Much to my amazement, we had representation from several food groups:  carbs – pancakes, cereal and donuts; dairy – milk, yogurt; fruit – orange juice, berry fruit salad;  protein – LOTS of bacon (which disappeared VERY quickly) and of course for the grown ups… strong pots of coffee. Not sure that counts as a food group… but it’s a must in my book.  Everyone was happy, caffeinated and sufficiently full. We were left with many smiling, tired children. Success!

Note: I simply could not take credit for this wonderful theme. It was easy, fun and who doesn’t want to spend their day in pajamas? You can check out the many great ideas here.

New Year, New Beginnings & Adventures


Photogenicfood is going on the road! Last year turned out to be a doozy in terms of finding time to work on my photography and blog simultaneously. Sigh… real life takes over… We spent a lot of time on the road in 2012 with the acquisition of our silver bullet, Silvia. She’s a vintage beauty – still a little rough on the outside, but eventually we’ll take care of that and get her all shined up! I’d say we’d do it ourselves, but really, we can recognize a job that’s much too big for us – although it’s tempting since I’d LOVE to see her buffed from the dull pewter to the reflective silver shine reminiscent of a classic Airstream. Silvia is a 1971 31′ Sovereign Airstream that sleeps 6. She was renovated by her previous owner who unknowingly outfitted her perfectly for us. Now generally, I’m not a camping type of gal. But I can do this. I can do this because she has all the comforts of home efficiently and cleverly packaged in a simple, tiny rectangular box.:)

Our first trip of 2013 took us to San Diego, CA. All the photos I took were with my Iphone 4s since I regrettably forgot my camera! Real life interfers again… On the upside, I had plenty of time to figure out how the camera on my phone works as well as several photo apps such as Instagram and Picstich. Not that many food pics this go ’round since most photo ops were when we were out and about. We stayed at a lovely park on the beach called Paradise by the Sea in Oceanside, CA. Of our week long stay, we ate “in” most every night to the likes of grilled citrus lime chicken, pulled pork sandwiches, carnitas burritos with all the fixins’, cheesy lasagna (or wazaannya as Gabe would say it) and super yummy cookie brownies made by the girls in our “tiny” kitchen. We walked on the beaches, saw wild seals lazing on the rocks, rode bikes and roasted marshmallows. It was a good week and a wonderful start to the new year!