Really? Has it been this long?

Desert Flower

I know, I know… I promised myself that I’d write each week.  Little did I know when I was starting up this blog that we’d be moving 1800 miles across the country from Ohio to Arizona.  It happened like this:  My husband received an offer that was too good to pass up, we sold our house inside of 30 days, and moved our family of 6 across the country twice – once driving out the first car with our pet parrot, Peanut, to meet the moving truck; and the second time was to pick up the second car and meet our extended family for a beach vacation on the serene shores of North Carolina.  And yes, after a week on the beach we drove back from the shores of the Atlantic all the way across Texas.  And did I mention, we were tugging a boat too?  Stressful?  Yes, at times… Interesting?  For sure… and absolutely filled with family memories to last a lifetime!  For sure our children will remember time we moved from a home with green grass, rain and snow to the desert landscape filled with a multitude of cacti, 100 degree dry heat and little to no rain.  Life is an adventure!  In the next few weeks I’ll be getting my act together to share my new food adventures and experiences out here in the wild West.  If it’s anything like the strange bugs and lizards I’ve discovered out here, I’ll have much to write about!  🙂  Oh and by the way, thank you dear friends who have asked about my blog.  I didn’t give it up, just took a break for a little while!

Sedona, AZ