Look where we’ve been!


I’ll admit my blog posting on this trip has been sparse. We’re halfway through our trip and I’ve found using instagram has been the easiest way to capture our travel moments rather than going through my blog. I’m trying to figure out how to get them to just post to photogenicfood.com since I update through IG frequently. Hmmmf… We’ll see how I do with this.

Currently we are driving from Duluth, MN towards Fargo, ND. Wilderness, pines and birch trees for miles it seems. And as our relatives in Duluth mentioned, if you don’t like the weather, wait 5 minutes. They weren’t kidding! Weather can change in the blink of an eye. It’s a peaceful stretch of road and I feel so blessed to share these experiences with my family.

Road Trip planning requires Coffee

After almost a year of short trips close to home, we’re going to do it! We’re hitching Silvia up and taking a trip back to the Midwest to see family and explore the country. We’ll leave at the end of June and return just before school starts at the end of August. Last time we did this trip was on our move out West. Having not explored much of the US, the changing terrain was amazing. I can’t wait to do it again now that we’ll have time to actually stop and explore. As a type A personality, I am fighting the urge to over plan. We have a few definite must stops: Kansas City, MO for our eldest daughter’s gymnastic competition, Cincinnati/ Cleveland to visit family, the Airstream Jackson Center, Chicago, Duluth, MN to see more family and Yellowstone. As far as all the places in between, I’m keep a list so that we have them handy for impromptu stopovers.

Looking forward to the trip with nervous anticipation 🙂 4 kids, hubs and I plus 3 little ‘keets along for the ride! Peanut our BCC (Black Capped Conure) won’t make this trip this time, she already saw the countryside on the first ride out. Instead she’ll have a wonderful resort stay at her favorite “birdie hotel”. With about 5000 miles of open road I’m sure we’ll engage in some entertaining adventures, interesting food finds and learn quite a bit along the way! Cheers to Summer!



Garlic: Best cooked Outdoors

…Especially if you have some sort if outdoor kitchen. As much as I love garlic: sautéed, roasted, freshly chopped, I confess, I recommend cooking outdoors if you are confined to a small space. Otherwise everything you own smells of garlic. Not entirely a bad thing if you love it that much! At the very least it’ll keep any vampires away, lol. 🙂