Treasures of Tombstone

20130607-232206.jpgTombstone? What’s in Tombstone? Groans can be heard from the kids… doesn’t sound really exciting. Our response, “we moved to the Southwest, so we’re going to see what the Wild West is all about!”.

Famously known for the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral and the BirdCage Theatre, we discovered that it was AZ most prosperous silver mining town and home to the famous outlaw characters of Doc Holliday, his brothers, Big Nose Kate and so on.

This town is a step back in time to horse drawn carriages and wagons, men in western wear and women in long dresses and corsets. The kids were delighted as it seems as though nearly everyone in this town is always in character. You could ask anyone a question about the town and they wouldn’t hesitate to go on in full historical detail to answer your question. It was like a live history lesson! The best part is that kids remember nearly every detail of it! But then again who could forget a saloon nicknamed Bucket of Blood or that ghosts reside in the Bird Cage Theatre!

We stayed the weekend at the Stampede RV Park. It is one of two RV parks we found within walking distance of the main street. Nothing fancy, but hospitable and a bit quirky. It was surprising to us at first to see cowboys and cowgirls walking through the park, but then we realized the whole town pretty much lived and dressed this way. In the two days we were there we saw gunfights, witnessed a bank robbery, ate homemade fudge, toured the famous silver mines and took a trolley ride around town. You can find more information about Tombstone here. It’s an interesting place, a gem filled with rich history about the outlawing days of the Wild West. They weren’t just stories from that Hollywood movie,Tombstone, starring Kurt Russell, Val Kilmer and Sam Elliott. While there is certainly embellishment, the basic inspiration comes from this old world town in the desert that is just “too tough to die”.










Really? Has it been this long?

Desert Flower

I know, I know… I promised myself that I’d write each week.  Little did I know when I was starting up this blog that we’d be moving 1800 miles across the country from Ohio to Arizona.  It happened like this:  My husband received an offer that was too good to pass up, we sold our house inside of 30 days, and moved our family of 6 across the country twice – once driving out the first car with our pet parrot, Peanut, to meet the moving truck; and the second time was to pick up the second car and meet our extended family for a beach vacation on the serene shores of North Carolina.  And yes, after a week on the beach we drove back from the shores of the Atlantic all the way across Texas.  And did I mention, we were tugging a boat too?  Stressful?  Yes, at times… Interesting?  For sure… and absolutely filled with family memories to last a lifetime!  For sure our children will remember time we moved from a home with green grass, rain and snow to the desert landscape filled with a multitude of cacti, 100 degree dry heat and little to no rain.  Life is an adventure!  In the next few weeks I’ll be getting my act together to share my new food adventures and experiences out here in the wild West.  If it’s anything like the strange bugs and lizards I’ve discovered out here, I’ll have much to write about!  🙂  Oh and by the way, thank you dear friends who have asked about my blog.  I didn’t give it up, just took a break for a little while!

Sedona, AZ