Just a touch of Salt, please

Happy New Year! What better way to celebrate the holidays and welcome 2011 than with candy? What about salted chocolate covered caramels… Dark chocolate… Ever try one? Friends of mine introduced them to me over Thanksgiving. I’m hooked. The rich, slightly bitter yet sweet dark chocolate encases a creamy gooey caramel center. Absolutely divine! But wait! Encrusted along the top is an accent of sea salt crystals that simply enhances the sweetness of this chewy delight. It really is an elegant piece of sweetness. I’m addicted and my youngest son, age 1, can’t seem to get enough. I almost have to hide in secret when opening the plastic box lid. The sound of the container opening is enough to make him snap his head up and come toddling over to me.

Pulling out my camera, I attempt to get a shot showing off it’s sleek dark features enhanced with the sparkle of its salted crust. It’s a simple piece of candy. In my mind it renders itself to be a simple snap shot. One or two little caramel pieces positioned on black semi-glossy wood finish. Some few inches behind the caramel models, I place its teal labeled container.  Interestingly, when I took the shot under natural light, the label reflected a subtle teal glow onto the table; thereby throwing reflective light behind my subject. I love when I discover little nuances!  My favorite pic is the one I chose for my banner.  Tasty!  They were all gone in 3 days courtesy of my 1 year old and myself.

2 thoughts on “Just a touch of Salt, please

  1. This looks great and your perspective is upbeat and interesting to read. BRAVO! The pic of the salted caramel is so cool – wish I could take pics like that. One thing…your silver banner with the white font is hard to read…I suggest changing one of the colors. Looking forward to reading more posts!

    • Thanks for the feedback Rachel! Yes, I agree on the banner. I’m still playing around trying to figure out how to change colors. I look forward to reading your comments on future posts!

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