I Like’m Sloppy

Sloppy joes that is…

Sloppy joes topped with coleslaw

SuMMer, BarBecues, bEaCh, SanD, LaZy days, FAMILY.

All images that come to my mind when craving sloppy joes. Growing up I never knew this messy goodness could be so good. Born and raised in the US by newly immigrated Filipinos, I only knew the makings of sloppy joes via a can of Manwhich™ and a pound of ground beef! And truthfully, I still like that rendition… I would actually eat it with steamed white rice, because as everyone knows… everything is good with rice… 😉   But ohhhh!! the joy of a homemade, simmering hot batch of meaty heartiness that generations have made and perfected over the years… Now that’s tasty!

After summer vacations of careful observation and repeated requests for the recipe, I finally have it committed to memory. To some it probably isn’t as good as when grandma makes it, but it IS pretty darn good… Enough so, that my husband and kids gobble it all down!

Peppers and Rice

Peppers and Rice… why you ask? Just because, I guess. Well really, it’s mostly because I started hunting around in the refrigerator for what to make for dinner. I had forgotten that I purchased a bunch of Poblano peppers last week to make a rendition of a Chile Relleno casserole. The last time I made it, I had thought to doctor it up with some chicken and chipotle peppers that were marinated in an adobe sauce. Overall, the flavor of the dish was good, only, I couldn’t eat too much of it. The chipotle peppers I added were FIRE-hot! I didn’t think much of it when I was adding it. Typically, peppers are labeled as mild, medium or hot. In this case, there was no mention of the heat factor on the label and I wrongly assumed they were mild. My bad. Anyway, I decided to make a milder rendition of my chile relleno casserole as a side dish to chicken and rice. There! Peppers and Rice!

The photos were taken in natural light. I used one of my favorite lenses, a 1.4/ 50mm, and my macro lens. Truthfully, I’m more at home with the 50mm. I just love how clear most of my pictures come out. Additionally, it’s FANTASTIC in low light settings! I have to admit, I was also pretty impressed with the closeness of the macro lens since I haven’t done much shooting with it yet. On the macro setting, I was able to focus in on a small area and the rest of it blurred out. Pretty cool!