My Heart, our Stomachs… Ohio

While I’m sitting in this car, I’m going to backtrack a bit to our stay in Ohio. We stayed just a little over 3 weeks. Mostly to visit family, spend time with dear friends and of course indulge in our favorite gastric treats. Since all of our kids were born in Cincinnati, it only seems fitting that they’ve been feasting on nearly all their favorite establishments. Graeters, Skyline Chili, Buffalo Wings and Rings and the list goes on!
We came in on a rainy day. Actually, we went through a blinding rainstorm. It was a white knuckle trip for about 150 miles. I was a mess because we discovered our Arizona native trailer has never really seen rain. Yeah, she’s got a few leaks that we would have never known about. I guess we do now ūüėČ and I suppose that’s our next project for Silvia to replace some of the failing seals around the vents and windows.

Ahh… lets see, what else? Oh! We drove up to the Airstream factory in Jackson Center, Ohio and took a tour. What a cool piece of history! Definitely worth a day trip to see it. The kids even got a shot with the one and only “Gold” airstream.

I tell you, three weeks seemed like a long stay when planning but it went by so fast. We spent time with family in Cleveland, enjoyed the Clermont County Fair and Fireman’s Parade and had a great time at a good old Catholic Summer Festival.

Yeah… Life is Good! So grateful to be living it!


Gotta get my Goetta on…


Glier's Goetta

Some say its similar to scrapple, others call it “Cincinnati’s Caviar” and many just call it plain GOETTA. ¬†Pronounced¬†g√©tt-aa,¬†ged-da or¬†get-uh, when first described to me as ground pork or sausage combined with oats as an extender and a unique blend of spices, I thought “good gracious, how could this possibly be any good?” ¬†And then a homegrown Queen City native convinced me to try it… I was hooked. ¬†It is often served at breakfast in place of the typical breakfast meats (bacon, sausage, etc.). ¬†Me? ¬†I like it with eggs and fresh sliced tomatoes, sometimes sauteed green bell peppers and onions. ¬†Add gravy and I’m in heaven. ¬†I’ve heard that it’s also scrumptious served with fresh apple butter. ¬†Judging by the ingredients, I doubt it has a high heart healthy rating… just like anything that tastes good! ¬†ūüôā ¬†The most popular and my personal favorite is from Glier’s. ¬† In the summer Cincinnati holds a festival in its honor where vendors sport their latest creative creations using goetta as an ingredient. ¬†No mealtime offering goes untouched, from goetta pancakes and apple fritters to goetta philly sandwiches and goetta meatballs. ¬†I will admit, I don’t care for all these combinations, but some are surprisingly good.

In our house, we just cook it the traditional way:  sliced and fried golden brown on either side, served with scrambled eggs, pancakes and bacon. Yummy!  My eldest daughter has been begging for goetta for the last week.  I relented, fried some up and snapped a few quick pictures of one of our favorite treats.

80mm ISO100 f/5.6